When sending to a GravoTech machine, you may see an error that says "Bitmap error." This error will prevent the machine from fully receiving the design - the machine gets stuck on "Calculating."

This is a Windows error that can affect Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 PCs. If the user has any of these updates on their PC, it may cause the problem. It is mostly linked to the first update though (KB5000802), which was released on March 9th or March 15th depending on where you are located.

KB5000848 for Windows 8.1 also caused this issue.

Microsoft has released a fix to this issue for Windows 10 so far (KB5001649), so the user must download it to solve the issue. It may not download automatically depending on the user's settings though.

As of March 24, 2021, there is no fix for the Windows 8.1 OS. The updates they have released since then will allow you to send one design to the machine before the error appears again, but that's it so far. Removing all Windows updates from March did solve the problem for now.

If this error occurs again in the future, it is a Windows issue. GravoTouch Plus does not create Bitmap image files and this error message is not in the code at all.