Upon opening the File Receiver app for the first time, you will see the following screen:

To gather the information needed for these text fields, you will need to go to the administrator for the PulseID/Kiosk site you are setting up.

1. On the Administrator site, go to:

Configuration -> Settings, and then select the General Tab.

The information you need to copy and paste is circled below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: After pasting in the API path, you MUST add /api/ to the end of the path or it will not work.

Further down the page, you will also see:

The following folder should exist on your computer, although it will not be used. These are currently leftover options that are required, but will be removed soon.

2. On the Database Configuration Page, uncheck the top box to turn off data synchronization.

3. On the Gravotech Machines Page, ensure that the Gravotech Machines Communication checkbox is enabled.

4. The Laser Bin Path should point to the SetParameterDriver.exe file from your laser printer driver.

5. The Rotary Bin Path should point to the HpglToBin.exe file installed by your rotary printer driver.

6. Under "Connected Gravotech Machines," write in the name of each laser and rotary machine you have connected to your computer. This must exactly match the machine names that appear under the Windows "Printers and Scanners" menu.

7. Click Save. The app will close and restart the service.

8. Confirm that the service is running again by going to Windows Services and searching for Pulse File Receiver.