Installing the Print Manager as Server on the Kiosk:


 1. Copy and paste the Print Manager folder here:  


2. Copy the folder path.


3. Open the command prompt as Administrator . 


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4. Using command prompt go to the Print manager folder by typing/pasting:

cd C:\PulseID\Apps\PulseID.PrintManager 

 5. Type: PulseID.PrintManager.exe install 


Machine PulseID.PrintManager Home Share View C] y ThisPC LocalDisk(C:) PulseID Apps PulseID.PrintManager Date modified 7/12/2019 PM 7/12/2019 PM 11/6/2017 3:33 PM 12/12/2018815 PM 7/11/2019 3:42 PM 7/11/2019 3:42 PM 1/3/2019&14AM Notify Em Search PulseID.PrintManager Administrator Command Prompt icrosoft windows [version 10.0.14393] o rrcompl,ete a i' an ia.ue i. yet (in mim_R..j v * Quick access Desktop Downloads —J Pictures BROTHER GTX OrderProcessor_201 v This PC DesHop Documents Downloads Music —J Pictures Videos > LocalDisk(C:) Name IA x86 P dfiumv•ewer.dll PulseHeIpers.dII Pulse.Logging.dII PulselD.HeIpers.dII PulseID.Prinffv•Ianager P ulseID.PrintManager.exe Type File folder File folder Application Application extens. Application Application Application XML Configuratio.. {c) 2016 microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C : C: \PulseID\Apps\PulseID. Printmanager C : \PulseID\Apps\PulseID. Printmanager>_




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6. Once installed, open Services and check the server name PrintManager to make sure it is installed. If so, installation is complete.


Job Manage tne Aarnin. ana Order processor Gravotech Menu Settings Machine Services Convert Processor Work packet Worksheet File Action View Help Services (Local) the service PulseID.PrintManager Home Share View ThisPC LocalDisk(C:) Name PulselD Apps Quick access Desktop Downloads Documents Pictures a BROTHER GTX TESI OrderProcessor_201 ThisPC Desktop Documents -e Downloads Music [e Pictures Videos t: Local Disk InstallUtiI.InstaIlLog PdfiumViewer .dll Pulse.Logging.dll PulselD. PulseID PrintManager PulselD printManager,exe PulselD,PrintManager , InstallLog PulselD printManager .1nstallState PulselD Date mod 7/12/2019 7/12/2019 7/12/2019 11/6/2017 9/12/2018 12/12/201 7/11/2019 7/11/2019 1/3/2019 7/12/2019 7/12/2019 Performance Counter DLL Host performance Logs & Alerts Phone Service Plug and Play Portable Device Enumerator Service power print Spooler Printer Extensions and Notifications PnntManager P roblem Reports and Solutions Control p anel Support program Compatibility Assistant Service Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Radio Management Service Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Remote Access Connection Manager Remote Desktop Configuration Remote Desktop Services Remote Desktop Services Userbvlode port Redirector Remote procedure Call (RPC) Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Remote Registry Resultant Set of policy Provider Routing and Remote Access RPC Endpoint Mapper Secondary Logon Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service Description Enables performanG Manages Enables a Enforces Manages This service This service T his service This service Quality Radio Creates a Manages Remote Allows Allows the The RPCSS In Enables Provides a Offers Resolves Enables Provides Status Running Running Running Running Running Running Running Running Running

 If the PulseID.PrintManager did not install correctly:

  • Was there a typo when specifying the folder path or the "PulseID.PrintManager.exe" file? 
  • Did you run the Command Prompt as an Administrator?

Example error message that occurs when Command Prompt was not run as an Administrator: