Open the PulseID.PrintManager.exe.config file using Notepad to compare links.

Is the label printer connect ? Did printer's name changed?

  • Make sure the printer is connect and it shows in the "Printer & Scanner" list
  • If the printer name has changes then, Rename to machine (in Windows) to exactly match its previous name. It must match the name listed in the PrintManager config file here:
    <PrinterConfiguration printerName="FullPrinterName (Including brackets)"
    • If preferred, you could update the Machine Name in the PrintManager config file to match the new printer name instead.

Is PulseID.PrintManager running?

  •     Open "Services" from the Windows Start Menu and confirm that the PulseID.PrintManager service is running.

Are tickets being downloaded into the correct folder?

  • Make sure that your internet browser is not blocking files.
  • Make sure the browser is downloading files to the correct folder. Referenced in this tag:
    <add key="Print.FilePath" value= "C:\Users\[User Name]\Downloads" />
    *User Name = User you are logged into the computer. Usually it should be a Kiosk user.

Is the label printer model and paper size set correctly?

  • Confirm that the label printer model is correct.
  • Set the Paper Size to 72mmx200mm (if using the Star printer), or set according to the label printer specifications.

Make sure the printer settings in the Foxit reader match the printer driver settings. Refer to the above screenshot.