Does the machine receive the file, but nothing engraves?

  • Note if the engraving time appears as 0:00 first. If so, power and/or speed are likely set to 0. Adjust these settings in the admin and then send again.
  • If both power/speed settings are above 0, check to see if the item is too far from the laser to be able to engrave. If so, adjust the bed height or enable z-auto and send again.

Does the machine display an error message after a file is sent?

  •  If so, review the error message in the machine manual to determine the cause. 
    • A common issue is trying to send a cylindrical item to the machine when the machine is prepared for a flat item, or vice versa. 
    • WeLase Machine Error - E999 - Likely means that the machine type is incorrect.

If no error message appears, check the following:

Is File Receiver running?

  • If the service not active, locate the FileReceiver.exe file (or a shortcut icon if applicable) and run it as administrator.
  • If it is running but designs are not being received by the machine, try restarting the service.

Has the machine name changed?

  • Rename to machine to exactly match its previous name.
  • If you can't remember the previous name, update the Machine Name in the FileReceiver.exe.config file:

    <!--Gravotech Laser/Rotary Settings-->
    <add key="PrinterDriverName" value="L-Solution" />

and again here:



              <add name="L-Solution"></add>  



Is the machine type/model set correctly in the Administrator?

  • Even if the machine name is correct, it won't send if the machine type or model is incorrect. Edit this on the Engraving Machine Page.

Machine generated alternative text: Workstation X Edit Engraving MachinO< Dashboard x Orders C O Not secure I Apps Orders Workstation React App pulse Dashboard Machine Status Orders Exceptions Workstation Reporting Configuration API Statistics Edit Engraving Machine Rotary Engraving Settings Information Printer Driver Name L-SoIution (Copy 1) Machine Type I solution laser Machine Model L Solution IOOEx Max Plate Height (in) 12.21 Max Plate Width (in) 5 Machine X Offset Adjustment (in) UC Board Serial Save Back To List

Does the Engraving Machine know what model it is?

  • Under extremely rare circumstances, the machine has changed itself to a different model type. ie. from an LS100IQ to LS100. If this happens, there are instructions available from GravoTech on how to reset the machine during startup.