PulseID Configuration for ShipStation

To use PulseID with ShipStation you must have a have a ShipStation account.  Once your account is created, you will need to find your API Key and API Secret Key in the the ShipStation account API settings within Shipstation.

Please note your API Key and API Secret.  You will need this information when configuring ShipStation integration in the PulseID Administrator application.

In addition, you will need to configure Carriers and Shipping Methods within ShipStation.  See the ShipStation online documentation for steps to configure Carriers and Shipping Methods.

Product Configuration in ShipStation

Products can be configured in ShipStation.  These products will be synced with PulseID when new orders are received.  Set the Package Weight and Package Dismissions in the ShipStation product configuration.


ShipStation Configuration in PulseID

Enter the ShipStation configuration in the PulseID Administrator under Configuration-Administration-User Settings-External Apps.

Enter your Shopify API Key and API Secret Key and ShipStation URL.  Once the API information is entered, click the button to populate Carrier, Package, and Service information based on the the users Shopify configuration.

In addition, you can set the defaults for Units, Carrier, Service and Package.

Set the option "Create product in ShipStation if it does not exist in PulseID" If you wish products to be created automatically from configurations in ShipStation.

Set the option "Create Order in ShipStation" to automatically post an order in ShipStation when an order is received by PulseID.

ShipStation Configuration in PulseID

In order to create shipping labels using ShipStation, order data sent to PulseID must include the following fields.  This information can be sent using the PulseID API or Order Processor.

JobCustomer Order NumberQtyCustomer Name
Customer PhoneAddressCityState
Postal Code
CountryCarrierShipping Method

Shipping Station Configuration in PulseID

Create a Shipping Station in the PulseID Administrator under Configuration-Stations.

Select the ShipStation.com as the Shipping API Type.

Orders in ShipStation

If the option "Create Order in ShipStation" is enabled in the PulseID Administrator External Apps configuration, orders will be sent to ShipStation when they are received by PulseID.  Multiple jobs are grouped together based on the Customer Order Number.  The format of the Customer Order Number must be CustomerOrderNumber-Index-ItemsInOrder.  For example if the Customer Order Number is 123456, and this is the first job in an order that contains 6 jobs, the data that should be passed in the CustomerOrderNumber is 123456-1-6.

Using the Shipping Station

Scan one job barcode from an order into the Shipping station when an order is ready to be shipped.  The shipping details and list f jobs in the order will be displayed.  Click the Create Label button to download a shipping label.  The Shipping station using the ShipStation API to generate the shipping label.  The product dimensions, weight, package, carrier code and customer shipping information must be correct to generate a shipping label.  Once a shipping label is generated the tracking information is returned to PulseID and this information is stored with each job.