PulseID Training Videos

PulseID Technical Training for IT Staff and Developers

Part 1 - Introduction and Configuration

Part 2 - PulseID Workflow API

Setting up a Shopify Store / Creating Products in Shopify

    Creating a Shopify Store - Video by Shopify

Production Management and Embroidery Machine Networking

Dispatcher / Collector and and Embroidery Machine Connectivity

Machine Configuration / Needle Adjustment

Barcoding Designs

Operator Barcodes

Shift Configuration

Order Processing / Design Generation

Managing Exceptions

Configuring Fonts and Colors

Blacklist / Kerning Adjustment

Machine Reports / Reporting Templates

Designs Configuration

Templates Configuration

Fonts Configuration

Products Configuration

Embroidery Designers

Creating Templates for Embroidery

Creating Styles for Embroidery

Recipe Files and Embroidery Settings


Shopify Template Designer Product Creation

Workflow Stations

Embroidery Planning Station

Stations and Order Workflow

Digital Printing

Simple Nesting for Digital Printing