I have had a few requests for the program Ushuaia latest build 11.1.3170 and they are assisting customers who are trying to install this program on Windows 10 - they get the error 'Security driver missing'

After researching this issue I found that in order for this program to work crypkey needs to be updated.  However its not working on Windows 10 so we do not support this in Windows 10.

For Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 I have tested this program and confirmed it works if you do the following:

** create a folder on c: drive called temp

1)Download this file

2) Extract zip file to temp folder, this will extract two files setupex.exe and cks.exe

3) You have to uninstall the crypkey license ,so go to Start and in search box type in CMD and hit enter .
(see attached screen shot)

Type in cd.. and hit enter and repeat this until the line shows c:\> and on this line type in: cd temp and hit enter

You should now see c:\Temp> type in setupex.exe /U and hit enter. This will uninstall the drivers.

5)Browse to C:\Temp

and double click 'run' the file setupex.exe THIS REINSTALLS THE CRYPKEY LICENSE SERVICE

6) Run the application - you will need to enter your serial number again.