Convert Processor Status

#1 -> By default this value is set to 10 rows. You can increase the number of rows you would like to see on this page.


#2 -> You can search your design file here


#3 -> Here you can see that the original design file (.DST) has Status "Input" (which means the original design file exists in the input folder). The file (.DST) was converted successfully and the output file (.pcf) has Status "Output"(which means that the converted .pcf file is in the output folder and ready to be download on the machine using Dispatcher). If you see the design file has -Preview.PNG file then it will show the design preview image on the live machine status page once the design is downloaded on any machine as shown below. 


#4 -> You can click on "set-up here" to check/change the convert processor design folder paths (Input, Output, Error).


Convert Processor -> Application Config File

#1 -> Design Folders : Input Folder, Output Folder, Error Folder and Processed Folder paths


InputFolder => This is the folder from where convert processor will pick up your original design files (.emb, .dst, .dgt)

OutputFolder => This is where convert processor will save the output/converted .pcf design file which is ready to be sent to the machines. If your design file is not in this folder then you cannot download the design on the machines. Probably some conversion issue with the file or unsupported file.

ProcessedFolder => This folder will have the copy of your original design files only if they were converted successfully. 

ErrorFolder => This folder will have all the failed or unsupported files which convert processor failed to convert them into .pcf. 


#2 -> You can change the behavior of the moving the files based on your requirements using these options


#3 -> This is the logging feature for convert processor to debug in case if you are having any issues with it. This is enabled by default. So you can check the .log file for more info on every file conversion.


Configuration -> Settings -> ConvertProcessor

Convert Processor -> Supported Files

  • Convert Processor will support all the files which are supported by the DG Engine (DGML Software)
  • .emb file version after 2006 will not be converted because wilcom has encrypted their files
  • .emb files from version 2006 or below will be converted and they will also have the colors information 
  • .dst files do not have the color information. If you want to pass the color information then you have to provide the color information in a .csv file
  • The .csv file should have the same file name as the design file and it should be in the same folder as .dst design file