Companion App -> Set or Update Needle for a machine


#1 -> Design Color - "Jet Black" is the color which was used in the design file but there was not needle assigned to that colors. Companion App automatically find and match the needle colors based up on the colors used in the design. If it doesn’t find any matching color then you see the "SET NEEDLE" Button. 


#2 -> Set Needle - Here you will assign a needle to the Color Black (1000 = 1000 color code, Black = color name)


#3 -> Needle - Click on "SET NEEDLE" and enter your needle number click "OK" 


#4 -> Number - You can assign needle number between 1 to 15 to the color


#5 -> Color - If you want to change color click on the Color and you will see a new popup with all the available colors


NOTE : Please note that if the machine has selected/checked "Is Use Default Needles" (In Machine settings) enabled then the changes you make will update the Default Needles settings and this will be applied to all the machine which uses this default settings. If the machine has not selected/checked "Is Use Default Needles" (In Machine settings) then the changes you make will impact only the machine which is selected in the dropdown.


Companion App -> Submit Needle Change


#1 -> Needle Colors - Companion app will match the Color Name/Color Code (depending on the settings in the PulseID Admin) and assign the needles when you download the design on the machine. If you want to change the needle number or if there was no matching color found or if there was not color assigned to the needle then you can change this by clicking on the green "Edit Button"


#2 -> SUBMIT (Save changes) - Once you made changes to the Needle number, You have to save the changes to the PulseID Admin by clicking on the "SUBMIT" button


#3 -> Confirmation - Once you hit "SUBMIT" and if the changes were made successfully then you will see this confirmation box.