System Introduction

Pulse’s Automation, Machine Networking and Workflow solutions are a system for production machine integration, operator / machine production reporting and  automated generation of personalized files for embroidery, digital printing, vector and engraving.   

Pulse has developed embroidery, print and engraving engines that will generate designs based on order data
that can be created by your website or order entry system without the need for user intervention. Designs are created automatically according to your guidelines. These guidelines, are based on templates together with information stored in a database that is configurable and adjustable by you when new items or styles are introduced.

This system includes a number of required or optional components designed for machine networking, production reported and automated personalization generation.

Administrator and Database – The Administrator and Database is a browser based application that is used to configure the system, view production and order statistics and generating production reports.

Order Processor/Automation API – Orders can be submitted using either an Automation API or by submitting order data files.  The Automation API is the interface between an ordering system or website and the PulseID Automation and Workflow system.  The API includes function to render embroidery and vector orders on products and to submit orders for production.  The Order Processor service polls for new order files.  New order files will be read by the Order Processor and will populate orders database with the appropriate information.

Design Generator – The Design Generator service reads the automation database and processes new orders once the Order Processor or Automation API has added them.  The Design Generator service creates the personalized files using Pulse's embroidery and vector processing engines according to specified guidelines. 

Embroidery Engine – The Embroidery Engine is used by the Design Generator Service and the Automation API to render and create embroidery production files.  The embroidery engine creates personalized embroidery files using templates created by Tajima DG by Pulse.

Viv.X Vector Processing Engine – Pulse’s Viv.X vector processing engine is used by the Design Generator Service and the Automation API to render and create digital print, engraving and vector production files as well as rendering personalized product images.  The Viv.X vector processing engine creates personalized vector files using templates created by Adobe Illustrator.

Dispatcher For Embroidery – Once embroidery files are generated, they are stored in a file folder on the application server.  The Dispatcher service manages the embroidery machine communication and will download the embroidery files to the machines as the designs are requested as well as processing operator login/logout requests.


Collector For Embroidery – The Collector service typically runs on the same server as the Dispatcher and is responsible for production data collection from the embroidery machines.  The data is received from the machines by the Collector service and stored in the SQL database.

Print/Engraving Manager – The Print/Engraving Manager is used to communicate between the PulseID Administrator and digital printer, cutters, engravers and other machines requiring vector files.  

PulseID Automation and Workflow Processes