We had an issue reported over a year ago where the icons for PNS and DNS were greyed out in Edit N Stitch.  The developers released a new build of Edit 'n Stitch which fixed this issue - build 3153 and also to be sure DNS and PNS builds are 3060.

However in some customer cases even though they have the correct builds and all applications are activated the icons for DNS and PNS are greyed out in Edit 'n Stitch

Alexis comments on this:

If DNS is activated and does run normally then the icons should not be greyed out. However, I assume you do know this and it is actually activated in which case I can't think of anything because these are so old I don't remember enough to think of what could be the issue. I will have to install them and see what happens and then take a look at the code again.

-  Is the issue on a windows 10 machine ?

- Did you try this yourself on a VM or your machine ?

- I assume the customer told you they have DNS but did you verify with them that it is activated and they can indeed actually run DNS normally ?