Reference ticket 44149 

Hi Trevor,


I found many different links addressing this issue. I do not know what the solution for this particular machine may be.


The issue might be solvable as easily as setting Compatibility Mode to Windows 7 to the installer before running it as an administrator. Some people solved this issue by reinstalling the Visual C++ Redistributables they already had on their machine. Others reported that disabling their antivirus/antispyware programs temporarily, allowed them to complete the installation. I also saw a couple of cases where some malware or another was the cause. There doesn’t seem to be a panacea for this sort of error.


What I would do first is attempt to install a different build of Action Apps, just to ensure that the problem is not specific to this particular setup executable.


Then, I would update Windows with the latest updates. This might fix the problem by itself. If updates cannot be installed due to errors, the System Update Readiness tool might help:


If updating doesn’t fix the problem, I would run the SFC /scannow command in an elevated command prompt, as described in this blog post:


All of these are the standard recommendations that I found in the above-linked Microsoft blog which has numerous posts about the 1935 error.


Other than that, I’m not sure what else the customer can try. There seem to be lots of causes for this particular error and many different suggestions, some involving more advanced operations like directly poking the registry. The HRESULT code on the error box (0x80070002, if I’m making it out correctly) is probably also going to be relevant in the search for solutions. The component GUID (the large string between brackets) might also help in narrowing down the problematic component.


If nothing else works, a full Windows repair might be needed. There should be an option in the Windows installer to repair system files without losing any files or data.


Other links that might be of interest:




Note when I connected to the customers computer I resolved the issue by checking compatibility mode for Windows 7 on the setup.exe file and that fixed the issue and the software installed fine.