I was helping Emily with a customer who could not see their machines in the cloud.  We worked with Dimitris and we resolved the issue.  

In the event a customer deletes their machines or they go missing you can follow these steps to fix the issue:

To test this:

Login to the cloud from a browser - go to List Machines - delete the machines

Exit DG

Stop spooler

disconnect device


reconnect device

start spooler

open DG - confirm machines show up in DG

Open browser - login to cloud - machines should be there

If that does not bring the machines back you can modify the registry.  The developer has mentioned to be very careful with this as it should be a last resort.

Also to explain by deleting this registry key it causes DG to 'forget' the Pulse Cloud login info and re-initiates the Pulse Cloud access to DG.  So after deleting this key you'll notice after starting DG you are prompted again to login or create a cloud account.  After logging in message appears asking to give cloud permission - and here you would click yes.

To delete registry key here are the steps:

Stop spooler

open registry and go to the path

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Pulse Microsystems Ltd.\PulseCloud

Delete the PulseCloud key

Exit registry

start spooler

start DG

confirm machines show in DG

Then login to cloud from browser

Also you can run the spooler in support mode just to make sure nothing is blocking the spooler.