This issue has come up with two customers so far.  They can't activate the software or the icons are all greyed out. 

Customer 1 issue (ticket 23921)

We have a customer using Corel X7, 64 bit (version and when he installs the latest version of the Action App (1024x64) the icons remain inactive and he cannot activate the software. The License Activator option is also inactive in the Action Apps Help menu.
He is on the admin account on his computer, Windows 10, 64 bit. We have tried uninstalling, reinstalling with no luck as well.

Customer 2 issue (Ticket 26105)

I was helping a customer today with Corel X864bit latest update (  The problem is the action apps does not show at all in Corel.

I tried installing both ActionAppsCdrWinSetupV2X64_1041 and ActionAppsCdrWinSetupX64_1025 but neither one made a difference.

Thanos reply:

It seems likely that it is the same problem as the customer who cannot get the activation dialog to pop up. If the plugin fails to load, it won’t show at all, because it depends on loading first, then activating at least one module, in order to automatically select the appropriate workspace.I checked the dialog you sent me in the screenshot though, and it seems it is not indicative of an error in the installation. Mine is exactly the same, although the plugin is correctly installed. I have made a new setup for AA, in PulseGr/Action Apps/ActionAppsCdrWinSetupV2X64_1041b.exe which contains all the redistributables that can be added from InstallShield. I couldn’t say for sure if this will work, but it might be worth a try to see if the customers can get their Action Apps activated at least. I should note that this is not a finished setup. It will detect CorelDRAW 2017 installations and install the plugin on them as well, but the support for Corel 2017 is still buggy, so it should not be distributed. Hope this helps to solve the activation problem, as it seems it is getting more and more common.

Our developer has created a new build of Action Apps that includes all the necessary redistributables.  Can you please try to download this and install it at your earliest convenience?

Alternatively here is a link to the missing redistributables: