This is often caused by the IP address changing.

To avoid it (and occasionally to fix it), you can open the GPS Administrator before starting the designer so that it updates the IP address if needed.

Alternatively, you may also be able to fix it by opening the GPS Activator app and clicking Update Options to force GPS to get the new IP address.

If neither if these simpler fixed work, try these:

1. On Graffix Pro Studio Administrator computer:

This setting is in web.config under <configuration> and <appSettings> section:

<add key="HttpRootUrl" value="" />

Set it to: http://<IP address>/GraffixProStudio For example.

2. Changing Server IP address or Poor Internet Connection:

Since the server IP address could change or the internet connection could be poor, here are steps to update computers to point to the correct address on your network.

1. Select "Change Serial Number" under the gear section of GraffixPro Studio..

2. Enter the PIN number. (1234 by default)

3. In the Serial Number field enter the serial number plus the IP address of the server computer. Use the following format.

Serial Number + " IP:http://" + server IP address + port number (if exists) "/GraffixProStudio/"



ZYY-DDDDD-AAAAA-CC IP:http://localhost/GraffixProStudio/