Installation steps:

I. Launch the SparkForAnaJet Installer.exe program.

II. Install Administrator, Library and Spark Designer in this order.

III. After installation has completed reboot the computer.

IV. Launch Administrator and Spark.

V. Normally if there is a problem launching Administrator or Spark it is a good idea to reinstall the Administrator and reboot again.

VI. If the user continues to have problems then review the list of issues and solutions below.


Installed components:

Under Control Panel>Programs and Features in Windows you should see the following components:

· Spark for Anajet

· Spark for Anajet Administrator

· Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher (if they are running Windows 7). Microsoft .NET 3 and 4 are included with Windows 8 and higher.

· MySQL Server 5.5

· MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51

· MySQL Connector NET 6.4.4

· Adobe AIR - Installed along with Spark Designer. Required to run Spark Designer. (


Make sure all requires Windows features are installed.


Other components:

· Internet Information Services (IIS) and Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager - Not listed under Programs and Features. This is a Windows component. This document lists IIS options that are also installed: IIS Options

· MySQL Spark database is installed in this folder: c:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\data\anajetkioskadmin\

If any of these components are missing please reinstall the software Administrator and/or Spark designer. Spark Library is optional.


Important MySQL Notes:

If the computer already has MySQL components installed it will do the following.

· Install ODBC Connector if installed version does not match required version (3.51.30 32-bit). Multiple versions can be installed on same computer.

· If MySQL or .NET Connector is already installed it will not prompt even if version is different. However, .NET Connector version 6.4.4 is required for Spark to function properly. Manual installation of version 6.4.4 may be necessary if the wrong version is already installed. This installer can be found under the Prerequisites folder.