If the customer is changing computers they must deactivate their license on the old computer first before activating Spark on the new computer. To do this they should launch the "Spark for Anajet Activator" program and click the Deactivate button. Confirm the deactivation to finish deactivating the license on the old computer. They can now reactivate their license with the same serial number on the new computer.


If the user did not deactivate their license before trying to install on a new computer, they will receive this error:




If it is at all possible still, request that they deactivate Spark on their previous computer. If it is no longer possible to deactivate (due to HDD crash or stolen computer for example) you may add a new activation to the serial number via iKey.


Reminder: Add activations only as a last resort. This action gives the user the ability to install on a new computer, which is essentially the same as giving them a free copy of Spark. If someone begins abusing the ability to request new activations, you may need to investigate and request proof that an actual issue exists and not that they’re trying to avoid purchasing another copy. Information that might assist your investigation is included in iKey, such as the SiteIP and CID number.