Welcome to the support portal for PulseID Products and services.  From this portal you can access information on all PulseID products including PulseID Automation, PulseID Enterprise Networking and PulseID Toolkit.

You can also submit requests for support and view the status of all submitted support requests for your company.

Getting Started

In order to get started using the portal, you must first obtain a user name and password to access the portal.  If you have submitted a support request through email, you should receive a response with an invitation to create a portal account.  If you are accessing the portal website for the first time and you do not have a portal user name and password, you can register by clicking the Sign up link at the top of the portal screen.  You will be asked to enter your name and email address and will immediately receive instructions through email to complete the sign up process.


Login to the Portal

Once you have received signed up for your portal account, make sure you are logged in.  Once you are logged into the portal, you can check on the status of existing support requests, view articles relating to PulseiD products and participate in the forums.  Most articles are only visible to logged in users.

Requesting Support

The best way to request support is through the portal.  You can quickly search for answers to your questions, create a support ticket or check on the status of an existing ticket by using the links in the portal.  

You can also contact the PulseID support team by calling +1 855-829-8374 or by sending email to priority@pulsesupport.com.